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The freshly baked buttery bread is LIFE YA"LL!!!! Yum yum yum. If you do have a chance, I strongly recommend you get some to go! It was $0.75 for 1 bread or 3 for 2 bucks! TOTALLY WORTH IT ALL!!! 

- Eddie


The Vietnamese coffee did not disappoint. Coffee is very competitive in this town & Pickle Banh Mi knows how to do it right. Perfect balance of bitterness & just the right amount of condensed milk. I can taste the coffee & the milk. Again; it's not too sweet & perfect balance on my taste buds. 

The bread/baguette smells really good. It's crispy on the outside but so fluffy soft in the inside. I ordered the Xui Mai (Meatballs) that just melts in your mouth. I ordered the Thit Nuong (Grilled Pork) which has the perfect aroma of char & tastes savory! I also ordered their Dac Biet (The Classic) which was also very tasty. 

- Lynda


This place was recommended by a friend.  The place is small, but it is not a problem, because it is mostly take-away.  Crisp and delicious baguette, filling both smooth and crunchy, herbs and a nice chili with a slight bit of hit. I absolutely love the baguette they use, especially how they toast it up.  Crunchy on the outside and soft in the inside.  Delicious.  The seasoning, the veggies and the sauce were just amazing and absolutely like what we usually have in Vietnam! The price is pretty much reasonable.  Tasty banh mi's indeed.  Good quality and great service.  You will want to check out this place if you like banh mi's.  I will definitely be back.

- Donald

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