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About us:  

Carrot and Diakon started out at the heart of Little Saigon, a place many Vietnamese Americans calls home. Our mission is to bring Authentic and Innovative Vietnamese American Fusion banh mi to the community.

Our Promise to You:
- High-Quality Foods

- Outstanding Customer Service

- Cleanliness and Food Safety


Our Story:

Our family grew up in Little Saigon. Through the years, we fell in love with Vietnamese food and rich culture. As much as we love the food and rich culture here in Little Saigon, we have always felt like something was missing. This led us to search for higher-quality foods and better services. Finally, after many years of searching, we have decided instead of searching for that one perfect place where we can enjoy the wonderful richness and healthy foods of the Vietnamese culture along with the outstanding American standard of customer service, why not start our own?

And so the story of Carrot & Daikon began.....


What is Banh Mi?

Banh Mi is a Vietnamese French Inspired Bread, that can generally be referred to as sandwiches. Our Banh Mi comes with meat, vegetables, Vietnamese pickles, and amazing house sauces with enough spices to give you a good kick on the first bite. If you prefer non-spicy Banh Mi, just let us know at the time of order. Our Banh is 100% customizable.


Why Carrot and Daikon?

Carrot and Daikon are the two main ingredients (known as Do Chua in Vietnamese) that are served with every Vietnamese Banh Mi (Sandwiches).

Daikon radishes are a type of very long and large, white, and mild radishes.

These two ingredients are an integral part of what makes our banh mi so special.

Our Carrot and Daikon are specially crafted, they carry a touch of sweetness and tangy, but when combined with our outstanding in-house sauces served in a banh mi (bread loaf) along with our high-quality meat, you will taste an explosion of flavors on the first bite.



One bite and we are sure you will fall in love!



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